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Horizon DataSys Unleashes the Next Generation of Instant Restore Apps

By April 16, 2013August 30th, 2021No Comments

Horizon DataSys announces an exciting lineup of software releases. 2013 projected to be a cornerstone year for new software development.

Horizon DataSys, a leading provider of instant restore solutions, today announced a roadmap of its current software developments and upcoming releases.

For the first quarter of 2013, among other significant milestones reached was the release of RollBack Rxv10 and a new freeware called Reboot Restore Rx.

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RollBack Rx v10 is an instant PC restore software that allows reversion of an entire system back to any number of snapshots (or restore points) within seconds. It’s intended as a replacement for Windows System Restore. RollBack Rx integrates seamlessly with Window to replace Microsoft Windows built-in System Restore (now called Windows Refresh and Reset). RollBack Rx is quicker, uses fewer resources, yet provides a more comprehensive restoration of the hard drive back to the moment when the snapshot was taken.

Reboot Restore Rx v1.0 is a freeware utility to mitigate risks associated with managing small groups of shared computers. As its name suggests, Reboot Restore Rx automatically restores PCs to a predefined system state on every reboot. Given the popularity among non-technical staff at vicodin online pharmacy schools and libraries, Reboot Restore Rx is poised to be a game-changer for small institutions and wherever public PCs need to be auto-reset. With the discontinuation ofWindows SteadyState, Reboot Restore Rx is the only free instant restore utility available today.

2013 Q1 also witnessed the launch of Horizon DataSys’ new European, Asian, and Latin American strategic partnerships / offices to address the company’s significant market growth in international markets.

“Our customer service department has now made itself available during worldwide business hours,” says Sam Sawal, Vice President. Horizon DataSys has updated its customer sales and support infrastructure to assist its clients worldwide. “The main objective of our customer support is to reduce the turn-over time from when an inquiry is submitted and one of our agents responds.”

On the docket for release at the beginning of Q2 is a dramatically improved version of Drive Vaccine. With a new simpler and more user-friendly interface, the new version of Drive Vaccine will officially launch on April 22, 2013. In addition to many other enhancements, clomid for men Drive Vaccine v10 incorporates the ability to interrupt recursive loops, restrict access to the Internet, and many other improvements suggested by customers.

The forthcoming release in the second quarter of 2013 is a significant update to RollBack Rx 10x. RollBack Rx is already the industry-leading instant restore utility with a multiple-snapshot capability that can help users recover from any software-related problem. But with this new edition, RollBack Rx is anticipated to be updated viagra with full 64-bit GPT partition support as well as support for multiple hard drives and other features requested by customers.

In 2013 Q2, Drive Cloner v6 is also scheduled to be released simultaneously with RollBack Rx v10x. Integration of Drive Cloner and RollBack Rx will enable the backup of clomid cycle chicks RollBack Rx snapshots onto Drive Cloner images for offsite backup. Drive Cloner offers methods of incrementally backing-up data on various external media including on the cloud.

“2013 is going to be a huge year for us. Horizon DataSys has already published four new or updated releases with more than 200 enhancements,” Lyle Patel, president of Horizon DataSys stated. “I believe existing customers will be very happy to see that we’ve been carefully listening to them. We also hope to acquire a new loyal following among new customers who we hope to attract with these new offerings and our customer-centric approach.”

“The cornerstone of our vision is to deliver a ‘built-in IT Geek Team’ available at your finger tips. Enabling users and IT admins to easily fix any PC related issues quickly and independently.”

About Horizon DataSys:
Horizon DataSys offers indispensible tools for end-users and organizations looking to regain control of their public and personal PCs by enabling them to quickly recover from most common issues that affect the machines, from accidentally deleted files, viruses infections, Windows Blue Screen of Death, on up to a hardware failures.