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Horizon DataSys Announces New iPhone and Android App to Enhance Social Engagement and Customer Support


Horizon DataSys today unveiled a new mobile app that delivers the latest company news and its software developments. This new Horizon DataSys (HDS) Forum app gives users a new means of engaging with its online community and its staff even when they’re away from their PCs. This app is available from the App Store on Apple devices and from Google Play for Android devices.


iphoneHorizon DataSys had in 2013 expanded their customer support channels by extended their business hours, began offering international calling numbers, revamped their IM chat module, overhauled their community forum, added a more responsive support portal, and redoubled their efforts into social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Spiceworks, YouTube, et cetra). One of the most active conversation threads in 2013 on the community forum was the discussion on how RollBack Rx has proven to be the most effective Cryptolocker ransomware removal utility available today. Horizon DataSys learned of RollBack’s ability to prevent Cryptolocker infections directly from its online users.


These new engagement channels are a direct response to the increased volume of inquiries associated with the latest releases of RollBack Rx and Drive Vaccine updated to work with Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows 8.1.


Horizon DataSys’ flagship product RollBack Rx v10.2 is quickly becoming an indispensable add-on tool for Windows 8 systems. RollBack Rx completely integrates with Windows to allow for the fastest and most reliable backup and recovery software available today. RollBack Rx (“the instant PC time-machine”)replaces Windows System Restore (and alsoWindows 8’s Refresh and Reset options) with a more robust recovery capability. It empowers users to create super-fast backups (or “snapshots”) of their entire system and to effect a complete harddrive restoration back to any one of these thousands of snapshots or just data recovery of specific files or folders. RollBack Rx is also a much more efficient system restore solution than Windows built-in System Restore since it allows for more, each snapshot uses less than 1% of the harddisk capacity, and allows users to determine the system resources used and the frequency of the snapshot-taking.


Drive Vaccine v10.2, the leading non-restrictive technology for education, is designed to simplify the management of public access computers with multiple users by auto-restoring these machines back to an IT administrator-defined pristine state (or “baseline”). Drive Vaccine seamlessly returns these public access computers back to the baseline settings once one user has ended their session so that the next user is presented with a fresh baseline. Returning to this baseline discards all unwanted user changes: including erased files, installed software, infections (viruses, spyware, cookies, adware, etc.), and altered icons. But Drive Vaccine also offers unique industry-leading capabilities to retain desired changes by allowing network admins to update this pre-set baseline to incorporate the latest Windows and program updates without having to turn the protection “off” and by permitting the restoration of an earlier baseline in case of an undesired baseline update. Drive Vaccine is the ideal alternative for Windows SteadyState. This technology is being used in an increasing number of schools, libraries, airports, hotels, community centers, museums, kiosk stands, conference centers, and other shared computing environments.


Lyle Patel, the President, explained that Horizon DataSys’ objective has always been to offer its customers the tools they need to maximize the availability of their resources and to streamline their IT operations. Ensuring that clients get their endpoint systems and servers back up and running quickly after any PC-related problems. Patel also noted that, “This also means that if there’s any issue with our own software we don’t want to be the bottleneck in your streamlined IT operations. So we’ve committed ourselves to respect our customers’ valuable time by reducing the turn-over times from when a servicedesk ticket is submitted to us and our techs have successfully resolved it to your satisfaction.”


Jester Santos, Customer Service Manager, added that, “Our goal for 2014 is to be more accessible. Some people don’t like making phone calls, some prefer to chat using IM, and others email, and so forth. We want to accommodate their preferred method of contact. They can even send us snail mail if they like.” And a key part of this envisioned better user experience is the shortest possible ticket turnover times for customer service, sales, and technical support requests.


According to Santos, the main objective for the coming year is to offer seamless engagement with customers by facilitating a multi-channel communication platform through chats, email, webinars, phone conversations, blogs, forums, and so forth. We strive to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery, reliability, and service as we build a productive relationship based on exceptional customer satisfaction. The new Horizon DataSys (HDS) Community Forum mobile app should allow customers to keep up with the latest news and developments. Customers can even submit questions to the Horizon DataSys Community and should get a response back that they can receive on their smart phones.


Horizon DataSys has relied on their community of loyal users to spread product awareness. In fact, Patel attributed the greater part of the rise in adoption rates for RollBack Rx and Drive Vaccine directly to personal recommendations. Patel: “We want to deepen further customer engagement through an overall positive customer experience that customers share with their friends and family.” So, in addition to personal recommendations, Patel also divulged that they’re working on harnessing crowd-sourcing in order to offer new language translations, spread news of special promotions, to do beta version testing, and other improvements that customers have themselves offered their assistance toward. “We value our customers’ ideas and suggestions. We want to offer them platforms to express this feedback and suggestions,” he said. “We already have the best-in-class instant backup and recovery solutions based on state-of-the-art technology but we just need to spread the word.”


About Horizon DataSys: 

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.

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