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Horizon DataSys Announces 24/5 Customer Support in Response to Windows 8 Refresh and Reset

By February 20, 2013No Comments

Horizon DataSys extends its worldwide business hours to accommodate the release of Windows 8.

Horizon DataSys Corporation announced today a new level of service with expanded customer support hours around-the-clock on weekdays. Horizon DataSys has increased its global reach in conjunction with the recent launch of its RollBack Rx version 10. RollBack Rx has been gaining increasing popularity as the preferred software to replace Windows 8’s built-in Refresh and Reset option with a more robust recovery capability. With localized phone numbers and 24 hour service in over 20 countries, Horizon DataSys is geared to better accommodate international clients and to quickly provide them with exceptional customer support. The added hours and international presence is a response to the influx of sales of its software to work in conjunction with the recent launch of Windows 8.

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“We’ve always catered to an international audience,” said Gonzalo Ortiz, Senior Account Executive, “But now we’re open during those customers’ business hours, not just our own. …We already have a strong base of existing business within the Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific region and so it made sense to better support those customers outside North America.”

With the recent release of RollBack Rx v10, Horizon DataSys continues to strengthen its market leadership through innovative product development. Recently, the company’s greatly enhanced RollBack Rx v10 software was well received at the BETT conference in London, UK and the annual TCEA conference in Austin, TX. RollBack Rx version 10 is getting a lot of recognition from companies and educational institutions as the go-to Windows system restoreutility – quickly restoring Windows-based PCs from any software-related issue in mere seconds. Whether it’s a virus infection, an accidentally deleted file, or even a Windows Blue-Screen-of-Death, RollBack Rx makes it easy to go back to prior points in time to recover from any PC disaster without in any way deteriorating PC performance.

“We understand what it feels like to be a customer”, says Sam Sawal, Vice President of Operation, “being put on hold for lengthy periods of time or told to submit a technical support ticket because no one is available or accountable… The differentiator is that we like to immediately address issues on the spot. It actually saves both our clients and us time and money.”

About the company: Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada with offices in Washington State and London, UK. Horizon DataSys develops and distributes computer software applications designed for end-users and enterprises. The company specializes in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and Instant PC restore. In addition to its many off-the-shelf products, Horizon DataSys also supports clients by customizing solutions that suit the specific needs of their IT environment.

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