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Hackers now targets Veterans PC

By February 14, 2014October 1st, 2021No Comments

Anyone who visits the web site for the Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) using Internet Explorer are now putting their PCs at risk of being hacked. The is being targeted by an exploit found in IE 10 browser which allows the hackers to run malicious programs.

Using a style of cyber-attack known as a drive-by download, the victims of this attack would not have a clue if their systems have been compromised. Obviously the motive here is to compromise military service member’s systems. The has 1.4 million members which includes 75,000 active duty members.

Although this vulnerability has been taken care of, experts believe that it was meant to have full attack exposure on the President’s Day holiday. They also believe that although this cyber-attack has been put to stop, there is more to come. With more cyber-attacks being formed everyday- time to build up your cyber defence and protect your PCs for you never know what the next cyber-attack target is going to be.