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Freeware Reboot Restore Rx: Reloaded for Windows 8

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In a world filled with unstable OSes, indecipherable error messages, inscrutable Windows events, viruses, hackers, incompatiblity, etc., etc. comes a software that brings predictability to Windows.


Horizon DataSys announced the latest version of their freeware Reboot Restore Rx software. Reboot Restore Rx is a free auto-reset utility that returns any Windows-based machine back to a pre-defined restore point (or “baseline”) once the PC user restart their machine; a fresh baseline is presented to the next user. This reboot-to-restore software is mainly targeted toward public access environments such as schools, airports, hotels, community centres, museums, libraries, kiosks; anywhere where multiple people log-on to a single public PC. Reboot Restore Rx is often viewed as an automated Window System Restore utility. The latest enhancements offered with Reboot Restore Rx v2.0 are full Windows 8 compatibility, UEFI/EFI firmware support, and integration for GPT, the new standard in today’s larger hard drives.

Reboot Restore Rx simplifies IT management by keeping all the PCs optimally and consistently configured and easily recoverable from any software corruption: from accidentally deleted files, virus infections, the Blue Screen of Death, on up to issues that cause Windows to no longer boot. Reboot Restore Rx acts as a non-restrictive desktop security tool for write-protecting the harddrive. It automates multi-user PC recovery back to a predefined configuration. In doing so Reboot Restore Rx discards any and all changes such as unwanted user changes, erased files, installed software, viruses et cetra. But best of all, Reboot Restore Rx is gratis and favorably compares with other commercially available products.


“Our primary goal behind Reboot Restore Rx,” explained Lyle Patel, President, “was to help cash-strapped schools, libraries, and other institutions that had used SteadyState which was discontinued in 2010. We were approached by some of these organizations with limited budgets who were casting around for alternatives to SteadyState. So we wanted to offer a free entry point for these folks who are working with severely limited budgets. It’s a simple concept. Reboot Restore Rx should do all they really need: On every restart, it’ll just undo all the changes the user made. But if they do require something more we would simply like them to consider that we do offer other premium auto-restore options with additional functionality.”

Another alternative for a lot of these small public networks is to use desktop lockdown software, limiting the users’ Windows accounts to restrict their privileges. This does make the PC management easier but also necessarily curtails useful Windows functionality and constrains the public users’ productivity. Reboot Restore Rx provides a much richer experience on the shared computers by granting all public users to have Windows administrator privileges even while reducing help desk support calls and downtime. With Reboot Restore Rx the machines are easily manageable even by non-technical staff who can quickly and easily repair most common PC-related issues.

About Horizon DataSys:
Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.