Exceptional Support

You are probably curious – what kind of support is exceptional? Isn’t all technical support courteous, competent, and (usually) helpful? Here is an insight on what makes Horizon DataSys support exceptional.

High Availability & Accountability

We’re people too, and through our experiences, we’ve called many different support organizations many times and usually for the same issue. You know the feeling… when you have to continually explain the same issue over again and nobody that you speak to is directly accountable. It is against our value system of how customers should be supported. We believe such support systems are wrong and waste valuable time and resources for both the client and the organization.

Going Beyond the 9-to-5 to Serve You Better

To help us ensure we provide the exceptional support our clients have come to expect from Horizon DataSys, we are pleased to offer extended customer service hours. We are ready with our courteous and knowledgeable representatives to provide you with technical support and client care from 5 a.m. until 5 p.m. (PST) from Monday to Friday. You can rest assured that each Horizon DataSys representative who responds to your concern is an agent familiar with the entire sales process, with in-depth technical knowledge of all our products.

Localized Contact Numbers

We have clients worldwide and in different time zones and regions. We realize that providing a single office contact number is not acceptable for clients located worldwide. So what we have done is made it easy for our customers to contact us. We have localized phone numbers in over 20 countries so that you can quickly and easily reach us just as if you were making a local call. Simply contact us during your business hours.

Chat Live With Real People

When you call or click on the chat button on our website you are speaking with a employee of Horizon DataSys – not a third party call center or answering service. At Horizon DataSys, you won’t have to introduce yourself every time and describe everything from the very beginning. Just cut to the chase and have your issues resolved as quickly as humanly possible. If we can’t resolve your issue on the spot, our agents will create and escalate your support request to our second-tier support or our development team.


Part of the Horizon DataSys value system is the definition of “support”. For us, it’s simply being human by helping, and showing respect. It’s more than hiring some people to sit for 8 hours and answer phones and chats. It’s about helping people and organizations, not just answering questions and providing information. For our clients we offer enhanced support options based on their requirements.

Open Communication Channels

Of course you can always call us or send an e-mail. But you can also contact us in many places online, any time you want. Apart from publishing some interesting articles, papers, links, etc., we use these channels to keep our clients in touch with us and our industry. So you have your choice of channels, whether you want to write, chat, or just catch up on some Horizon DataSys updates.