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Drive Vaccine v10.2: The New Definition of Simplified Public Computer Management

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Horizon DataSys announced today the release of their long-awaited Drive Vaccine v10.2 – designed for advanced public access computing systems and today’s larger hard drives.

Baline, WA (PRWEB) October 15, 2013

Horizon DataSys announced today the upcoming release of their long-awaited Drive Vaccine v10.2 with full support for the new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) standard and the GUID Partition Table (GPT) partition tables that are becoming increasingly common on today’s larger harddrives.

Drive Vaccine is software for public computing environments such as schools, libraries, hotels, internet cafes, kiosk stands, conference centers, et cetra which returns the system back to a predefined baseline once one user has ended their session. Drive Vaccine discards any changes made by the first user and presents a fresh baseline for the next user. This ensures a consistent setup on all the network’s workstations and makes IT management simple.

Traditional backup processes such as imaging are very time-consuming. The great virtue of Drive Vaccine is its speed. It allows for a one-click baseline update from within Windows. It also enables IT admins to undo baseline updates.

As Lyle Patel, president of Horizon DataSys explained, the set restore point (or baseline) needs to be constantly moved forward to incorporate Windows and program updates. “The single complaint I most often hear about traditional restore-on-reboot products is that the protection has to be turned off in order to update the baseline,” he said. All these reboot-to-restore alternatives simply write-protect the harddrive. This write-protection has to be turned off in order to do baseline updates. Drive Vaccine is unique in that it uses a patented sector-mapping algorithm to quickly capture the entire contents of the hard drive and to be able to restore the system back to this baseline with a single reboot.

With Horizon DataSys’ software in place, our customers are able to significantly reduce their IT budgets and staff hours allocated to answering support tickets. This allows IT staff to perform more advanced IT related tasks and the school or library to allocate more of their budget to for their student’s, or patron’s needs.

Drive Vaccine simplifies IT management by keeping all these PC optimally and consistently configured and easily recoverable from any software corruption from accidentally deleted files, virus infections, the Blue Screen of Death, on up to issues that cause Windows to no longer boot.

Anywhere where multiple people log-on to shared public PCs there’s always the risk that some users may leave behind sensitive information that unscrupulous persons may exploit. Drive Vaccine offers air-tight desktop security since it clears the cache and wipes away any such cookies and malware returning the entire contents of your harddrive on a bit-for-bit basis back to the network manager’s specified settings.

Horizon DataSys is also a partner with TechSoup ( for the online distribution of its donations of Drive Vaccine to 501(c)(3) public libraries and nonprofits. In addition to receiving an initial donation of licenses, TechSoup members can also request additional licenses of Horizon DataSys software at extremely discounted prices.

Horizon DataSys will be exhibiting its Drive Vaccine next at the Educause 2013 Conference in Anahiem where it will unveil Drive Vaccine V10.2 for general sales.

What: Educause 2013 Annual Conference
Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B, Booth 1352
When: October 16-17, 2013
More info:

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