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Cryptolocker Gets Locked-out – Virulent Ransomware Finally Meets Its Match

By December 19, 2013November 15th, 2021No Comments

Horizon DataSys announces its’ proven sector mapping technology defends against Cryptolocker, a new virulent ransomware.


Horizon DataSys, the global leader in PC protection and instant restore software, announced today that it has definitively solved the infamous virulent trojan horse known as Cryptolocker, a prolific malware that is rapidly spreading throughout the internet. The RollBack Rx development team had previously stated that RollBack Rx works below Windows and would be able to easily recover Cryptolocker infected workstations. Through recent events, Horizon DataSys has been able to confirm from its customer-base that RollBack Rx will protect users from any variant of Cryptolocker. Horizon DataSys now confidently asserts that RollBack Rx should be every PC user’s first line of defence to painlessly remove Cryptolocker from an infected PC without losing any critical data


Cryptolocker is the most malicious trojan that is floating around cyberspace today, targeting Windows-based computers. Users typically contract an infection of this malware on their machines through an email attachment or a pop-up purporting to be a FedEx or UPS tracking notification or other attachment from a legitimate business. Once the Cryptolocker file is on the host machine it scans the system for personal documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, videos, and other files and initiates an encryption of these targeted files. This Trojan horse then presents a message screen informing the user that the PC has been infected, displays a countdown clock with 3 days remaining, and attempts to extort a payment of $300 US or half a Bitcoin (about $500 US). It usually informs the victim that they have 72 hours to comply and threatens that thereafter the private key will be permanently destroyed and their files will remain undecipherable. The grace period the malware is allowing the victim to comply is actually a requirement of this vicious malware. Cryptolocker actually requires upto 72 hours to thoroughly encrypt all the files on the PC.

“We’re all just human.” states Andrew Shen, Development Lead at Horizon DataSys “We make mistakes. So the software protecting our machines should be more robust and be able to undo such issues rather than just leaving us to hope that we don’t make such mistakes. With RollBack Rx you don’t need to worry. RollBack Rx is yourCryptolocker removal tool.”

Anti-virus utilities have been successful in removing the Cryptolocker malware. Unfortunately, the encrypted files can’t be decrypted and are effectively lost forever. Cyber security experts are adamant that the victim should not submit to this online extortion and should refuse to make the coerced payment.


Windows built in System Restore (now called Refresh and Reset in Windows 8) are completely useless against the encryption destruction of Cryptolocker as Windows System Restore works within Windows and can only restore system files on a unencrypted system, let alone a PC with 2048-bit cryptography.

In order to prevent CryptoLocker from infecting your computer users require a low level sector restore utility for effective Cryptolocker ransomware removal. RollBack Rx is a bit-for-bit restoration engine using Horizon DataSys’ own patented sector-mapping technology that can be set to return to a snapshot prior to the time the Cryptolocker infection took place. All files encrypted by Cryptolocker are returned to exactly how they were prior to the attack. PC users that have RollBack Rx installed on their PCs are able to easily roll back to a snapshot prior to the infection without any sign of the Cryptolocker remaining on their machines. Further, they are able to maintain their important files as they were prior to the Cryptolocker attack. Product_Big_Sreenshots_9[1]

“The problem with anti-virus programs is that they’re always playing catch-up, constantly trying to identify and remove existing infestations and updating their existing malware definition files.” explains, Lyle Patel, President at Horizon DataSys. “… with RollBack Rx you can simply return to exactly how things were before the Cryptolocker infection occured,” remarked Patel.


About Horizon DataSys:


Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.