RollBack Rx: A Great Maintenance Solution

Maintaining a PC or a network of PCs has become very easy with the RollBack Rx system restore software – It enables you to perform a complete PC restore while at the same time retaining all the data, even if it has been created after the system restore point. As an advanced PC maintenance solution, RollBack Rx is great as an instant recovery solution and when comparing it to other PC maintenance applications in the market, RollBack Rx is way ahead in its category.

RollBack Rx Snapshots

A snapshot in RollBack Rx is a checkpoint for system configuration, indicating a specific point in time. Virtually unlimited snapshots are possible with RollBack Rx Pro. So this means unlimited number of system configurations. Each of these configurations is stored as a snapshot, and you can choose among these snapshots to perform a PC restore when you have to fix computer related problem. In other words, you can roll back or roll forward to choose the system state you want. These snapshots, which are literally maps of the sectors on the hard drive which are stored on the root, drive (o) itself within the RollBack Rx’s system data structure. No files or folders are used as backup – the snapshots are parts of the hard drive sector.

Easing Critical Updates

If you are a system administrator you will be happy to know that RollBack Rx makes it very easy to accommodate Windows Critical Updates as well as popular Antivirus dat file updates. No messy batch files or complicated third party scripting is required. Furthermore, you do not need not leave your systems powered on throughout the night, risking all sorts of additional computer problems. RollBack Rx can easily configured to automatically keep your network of computers updated with the most recent security patches, so that you can peacefully attend to other priorities.

Moreover, compatibility with antivirus or anti-spyware application is seamless. RollBack Rx system restore software provides protection from day zero attacks without any data loss. We understand that it is essential provide real-time protection from virus, malware and others. But, when your first line of defense (antivirus, anti-spyware) is bypassed you can rest assured knowing that you can easily roll back your PC to an earlier system configuration – without losing any current data. The entire recovery process is painless – there are no folder re-directions or downtime scheduling involved, avoiding a host of additional IT issues. Just schedule to take a system snapshot before or after any updates with RollBack Rx system restore software.

One question that keeps coming up is what happens if you change the RollBack Rx password and do a system restore to a point before you had made the change… The answer is that you new password will still be good.