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We use Drive Vaccine in our hotel's Business Centers. It has been a real time and tech support savings for us. We no longer have to continually call IT to fix rudimentary PC issues.

Dee CombsHighland Hotel & Convenetion Center

I am a past GoBack user of many years. As a programmer and computer consultant, GoBack got me out of any tight spots, but there were always trade offs. After using Rollback Rx, I really like the low disk usage and virtually no impact on system resources. Another great feature is a nearly unlimited number of snapshots. Rollback seems to have eliminated expected trade offs. I am looking forward to recommending Rollback Rx to my customers.

Ron Link

I used GoBack for several years, and found it useful, but frustrating. I'd anxiously hold my breath everytime I burned a DVD or defragged my hard drive. Any sort of disk intensive activity could wipe out all my recovery points, leaving me stranded with no safe haven to which I could return. I finally went looking for something better. And found Rollback Rx Pro! What a revelation. The features (V8.1) are stunning. I really put the demo through its hoops to make sure RB lived up to its claims. It did. I couldn't fault it. I was sold, and I switched. Alas, poor GoBack, I knew you well. A program of infinite limitations. RIP

Tom Bradley

Reboot Restore Rx (Freeware) - This is huge! This product is literally a game changer for schools. When Microsoft dropped Steady State for Windows 7, it left many schools in a serious bind, either raise funds for a commercial solution or allow computers to become inoperable over time.

Steve Lee

RollBack RX is so much faster and easier to use than GoBack. I like the fact that it does not slow down my computer like GoBack and RestoreIT. Great product

Dan Nimkovsky

After working with a trial package I was absolutely convinced that Drive Vaccine was the best option. Being in a public environment we get infected USB drives, bad Java code hacks, infected Emails that can lockup or blue screen a system. With Drive Vaccine all I need to do is a hard reset and in a matter of seconds (not minutes or hours) I have a perfectly restored system.
As a bonus, the software includes a Remote Management console that is invaluable when applying software updates and starting the machines automatically in the morning on schedule. Thanks for all of your incredible work on Drive Vaccine

Steve BerezanskyHaverhill Public Library