• Restore on Reboot

    Reset to Baseline on boot up or hard reset
  • One Click Instant Update

    Update baseline without restarting PC
  • VM Software Support

    compatible with VMWare, VirtualBox
  • Protects the MBR

    controls the boot records
  • Mini OS Access

    subconsole allows restore from an unbootable state
  • Access Control & Data Security

    Multiple User Access & Permissions
  • Stealth Mode

    Hide System Tray Icon and Splash Screen
  • Remote Management

    management console to control multiple clients over a network
  • Restore on any Schedule

    Hourly, Daily, Weekly, from Idle or Logoff
  • Back out of Baseline Updates

    Easily undo a baseline/snapshot Update
  • Automate Updates

    Dynamic Windows and AntiVirus Update support
  • Exclude Files & Folders from Restore

    files & folders remain unchanged
  • Task Scheduler

    automatically take snapshots or restore from snapshot based on time or event driven
  • Maximum Snapshots

    number of saved snapshots
  • Multiple Drive Support

    Support for 4 physical drives and 8 logical partitions
  • Snapshot Encryption

    Prevent Data Loss from stolen PC or Laptop
  • Server OS Support

  • Dynamic Database Support

  • RAID Support

    RAID 0,1 & 5 support

  • Windows Admin Only

  • Tray Icon Hidden for Non-Admin Users