RollBack Rx Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler allows you to automate the process of taking snapshots and performing system restores by setting specific times and/or events.

With the RollBack Rx Task Scheduler feature, you would be able to create new Snapshots or Restore your system on any set schedule.

* Automatically take a snapshot once every hour, at a specific time, daily, weekly, monthly, or on every reboot, cold boot, once per day, or all of the above!
* Choose to automatically roll back your PC to a specific snapshot of your choice, on the schedule you like.

RollBack Rx Event Tasks

Don’t trust what you’re about to install? Want a new snapshot whenever you open your browser? With RollBack Rx’s Event Tasks you can automate the process of taking snapshots whenever a certain function has run (i.e. Setup.exe, browser.exe).

Testing software? No worries. Set up your system to take a snapshot whenever the Setup function has run.

Choose to automatically create a new snapshot whenever any executable of your choice is run, ensuring your system is always protected.

The Task Scheduler feature is only available in the RollBack Rx Professional edition. To view a complete list of features included within RollBack Rx Home visit the RollBack Rx PC comparison page.