Setting Up a Set-Top Box

What is a set-top box? Set-top Boxes (or net-top boxes) are simple computers connected to TV display units for browsing and for viewing internet-based channels and subscription movie services. This is becoming an increasingly popular platform for turning a television into a monitor for internet shopping, banking, social networking, or other online or PC-related activity.

Eventual System Degradation Over Time

The biggest complaint heard about set-top boxes is that over time the Windows startup time, shutdown time, and general stability can suffer. Normal use of the set-top box can start causing stability issues, error messages, the accumulation of unnecessary system files, cookies, malware installations, etc. All this eventually slows down performance and causes errors to appear. A simple solution for ensuring a consistent system configuration is to have RollBack Rx installed on the set-top box.

Locking-in the Perfect System State for Your Media Center

RollBack Rx v10.2 is gaining popularity as an instant recovery option for Windows-based set-top boxes connected to TV display units. RollBack Rx can be set to return to a optimized system state on every start-up or restart, allowing for a consistent user-defined experience. By regularly returning to this predefined system state the set-top box can indefinately deliver a streamlined system state free of unnecessary start-up services and extra programs running in the background. All you need to do is to install RollBack Rx. By default it creates a new snapshot on the first boot-up of the day. If you have a favorite snapshot that you think you may want to return to, just lock it. If you experience any issues — virus infections, malware installations, undesirable settings changes, driver conflicts, et cetera — simply rollback to an earlier point in time. It only takes a few seconds. You can even automate the process of returning back to a predefined system state periodically or on every boot-up.

Regularly Cleaning the Set-Top of Viruses and Other Problems

If you do experience a virus infection the best way to remove it isn’t to download and install a fix available from an anti-virus program or through the anti-virus program’s patch. Since RollBack Rx returns the system on a bit-for-bit basis back to how it was when a snapshot was taken, it should be your first line of defence against such malware. The anti-virus program will only attempt to remove the malware by finding and quarantining it and removing all instances of the problem code from executing. RollBack Rx, on the other hand, will take your system back to how it was before the infection ever took place.

RollBack Rx is the OS for the OS. When you add/remove programs they sometimes don’t remove completely but with RollBack Rx you revert your entire harddrive back to exactly how it was when the snapshot was taken. The problem with anti-virus programs is that they’re always playing catch-up, constantly trying to identify and remove existing infestations and updating *.dat files. With RollBack Rx you simply undo the problem. Imagine you could just roll the clock back instantly to before any such problem issue appeared on your machine!