RollBack Rx Server Edition Release Notes

RollBack Rx Server Edition
Version: 3.3 / Build: 2704966424
Last Updated: 10/29/2019

– Added “turn off automatic Windows Update” in advanced options
– Added efiprotect=1 switch to protect EFI partition.
– Added auto rollback feature to the EFI parition to revert EFI files corruption from failed Windows Update due to power interruption.
– Modified file synchronization to only copy files that had changed.
– Added minidump to the installer (minidump=1).
– Run Kernel mode switch process as background service.
– Fixed small bugs and compatibility issues reported through technical support

RollBack Rx Server Edition
Version: 3.0 / Build: 2704376618
Last Updated: 2/08/2019

– Fix BSOD install issue with shieldf.sys
– Small bugs and compatibility issues reported by customers through technical support

RollBack Rx Server Edition
Version: 3.0 / Build: 2703938421
Last Updated: 11/08/2018

– Fix “subscription license cannot be activated automatically during setup” problem.
– Modify GetComputerID function to generate random machine ID for computer with same HDD serial number.
– Fix snapshot table corruption caused by power reset during hibernation shutdown.
– Do not optimize snapshot if the snapshot is not consistent (red color snapshots).
– Add program settings and function to switch from Fast Restore Mode to Space Saving Mode.
– Allow deletion of the installation snapshot in the Space Saving Mode.
– Refresh Windows UI

– Fix the bugs of flushing disk cache when receiving power down.
– Divide the kernel driver in Fast Restore Mode and Space Saving mode.
– Allow snapshot defrag at shutdown task to run on Windows 10 systems with Fast Startup option.

– Add DiskVerifyInfoIndex to partition structure.
– Fix the bugs of updating sectors which is being written by another thread.
– Fix the bugs of displaying build number in UEFI pre-OS recovery console.

– Save the console detailed view column layout and width in the setting.ini file.
– Add count of Window 10 workstations to group properties.

RollBack Rx Server Edition
Version: 2.2  Build: 2702520321
Last Updated: 10 May 2017

What’s New

  • Fixes Secure Boot Issue for better compatibility with Windows 10 build 1607 & later
  • Support Grub Linux bootloader.
  • Mask Product ID on the Tray Icon About window.
  • Adjusted Multiboot setup
  • Adjusted the Uninstallation User Interface.
  • Add Turn Off protection/Turn On protection in tray icon menu
  • Change disk space usage pie chart on the home page to red color if the free space drops below 20% total protected space.
  • Add disk space usage pie chart to the new snapshot window.
  • Add shutdown-Defrag scheduled task
  • New End User License Agreement(EULA)


RollBack Rx v2.0 Build #: 2700838923
Last updated: November 30, 2015

What’s New:

  • Renew Drivers certificate


RollBack Rx v2.0 Build #: 270048666
Last updated: June 9, 2015

What’s New:

  • Fix the setup failure due to fragmented bitmap table
  • Fix the setup VerifyProtectedDisk Failed error due to read partition error
  • Fix the setup conflict with Samsung’s fast startup software


RollBack Rx v2.0 Build #: 2700302350
Last updated: March 12, 2015

What’s New:

  • A totally re-designed client communication module to work with the new Remote Management Console (RMC)
  • Add Tree View to the snapshot window
  • Add a check for updates feature
  • Check if the subsystem has been removed by 3rd party antivirus scanner when system is shutting down or restart
  • Expand RAM usage by the subsystem when updating baseline
  • Support multiple hard drives with different partition styles (MBR, or GPT)

What’s Fixed:

  • Fix the problem that installer does not recognize the drive letters same as Windows explorer
  • Fix the problem that setup fails with insufficient disk space due to NTFS MFT table are not continuous
  • Fix the problem that license activation fails on UEFI subsystem
  • Fix the BSOD cause by bootmgfw.efi
  • Fix the problem that tray icon does not show up after a reboot due to “MySearchString” is too long


RollBack Rx v2.0 Build #: 2699405322
Last Updated: July 1, 2014

  • Fixed critical problem caused by Microsoft DDK 7600 compiler’s incompatibility with the aforementioned system
  • Changed the setup to NOT protect Windows system reserve partitions and any other hidden partitions