RollBack Rx Professional 10.4
Release Notes

Rollback Rx Pro 10.4 Build #: 2701484045
Last Updated: May 13, 2016

  • Fixed Japanese language not showing correctly after Rollback Rx installed.
  • Fixed “Remove all the other unlocked snapshots after rollback “feature within the Task Scheduler”.
  • Fixed “Daylight Saving issue showing on the RMC”.
  • Fixed “Remote Desktop Connection” (RDP) not working on Windows 10 operating system.
  • Fixed SSD hibneration issue.
  • Fixed slow subsystem defrag issue.
  • Added “Force shutdown or restart” on RMC when sending a restart command to the workstation applications are still running.


Rollback Rx Pro 10.4 Build #: 2700918799
Last Updated: December 27, 2015

  • Added “Windows 10 Clients” Group in Remote Management Console.
  • Fixed “Setup.exe” won’t srat problem caused by problem in GPT partition structure.
  • Modify the subsystem to handle large RAM on UEFI based system.
  • Re-design drivers security to stop security cracks.
  • Added tool tip to create new snapshot, use VSS checkbox.
  • Added Japanese language.


Rollback Rx Pro 10.4 Build #: 2700650506
Last Updated: August 24, 2015

  • Supporting Windows 10.
  • Added an option on the new snapshot screen to create new snapshot using Windows Volume Shadow service.
  • Added UseVss=1/0 switch in the setup.ini to set the VSS option.
  • Moved entire license activation process from the Windows service to the subsystem to avoid cracking.
  • Added a check in the subsystem to automatically defrag snapshot when free space is below 10GB.
  • Fixed various compatibility issue reported by customers.
  • Added Turkish language support.