Solutions for Retail

At Horizon DataSys we know how important it is to not just have good software, but the perfect software.

In a retail environment businesses small and large alike have a single goal – to generate profit. The focus should be on the customer and the product, and not on whether or not your computers are functioning properly.

This is where RollBack Rx Professional comes in.

How it works

RollBack Rx Professional creates snapshots of the drive(s) in a few seconds.

Snapshots are taken on a schedule you set and when triggered will capture the drive as is at that exact point. Snapshots are then stored and encrypted on the sector level of the local hard drive. Anything that happens after it will not affect a snapshot, leaving you with several safe points to load from should the PC get infected (even ransomware), from in or outside of Windows.

POS and staff PCs

A POS system is nearly a must in this day and age of retail. Yet as with every kind of PC, things will eventually go awry.

But what if those hours spent maintaining your computers could be shrunken down to a few minutes? RollBack Rx Professional allows your machines to stay functional at its optimal levels long beyond its normal capacity, reducing costs and keeping your staff, and customers, happy.

Manage and deploy

In a retail environment deployment and management tools are typically already in place. SCCM, domain, GPOs, and Active Directory (AD) are common. We know this, and our software will work with these functions to ensure a smooth deployment and install.

RollBack Rx Professional also comes with a free remote management console, the EndPoint Manager.

This tool is invaluable as it allows any troubleshooting, planned updates, or alterations to be made on every machine with our software installed from a single console – server or desktop are both supported.

Feel free to contact us here for a deployment whitepaper addressing several ways to successfully push out RollBack Rx Professional in your environment.

RollBack Rx
Home Edition

Perfect for home users & completely free.

RollBack Rx

Perfect for home users & completely free.

RollBack Rx
Server Edition

Perfect for home users & completely free.