Real-Time Backup and Recovery. What is it?

Real-Time Recovery is a relatively new IT market segment in backup and recovery. Legacy technologies could not provide a near day-zero instant restore within seconds without losing any critical data. Real-Time restore of servers and workstations is vital in order to have a sound disaster recovery strategy which addresses the challenges companies have historically faced with regards to protecting, and more importantly, recovering their mission critical data.

Real-time recovery is the ability to restore a Windows server from any tech disaster or inadvertent human error in a time frame that has minimal impact on operations. Real-time recovery is based on advanced technology for restoring workstations and servers while minimizing the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) down to seconds.

To qualify as a Real-time recovery solution – the real-time restore solution must have the following characteristics:

The ability to restore a Windows server in minutes if not seconds – but upto a maximum of 15 minutes without the need of any additional agents, options or modules to accomplish this.

It must be able to restore files in seconds (after all, what is the point of backing up if files can not be restored).

It must perform sector-level backups, as close as every 15 minutes, with the ability to self manage broken chains of backups.

Real-time also means that it needs improved recoverability of data files and databases.

Real-Time Backup and Recovery: Do They Exist Today?

As cyber attacks and viruses continue to bypass enterprise networks, and as long as servers continue to crash for a myriad of other reasons – pain and uneasiness over continuous data protection will continually be at the top of the list of major concerns for IT managers worldwide.

Real-time backup is essentially backup with lightening fast recovery speed. This translates into minimal downtime for organizations, using a pain free way of managing their mission critical data centers. Even with all of the backup and recovery solutions available in today’s market, the question that keeps popping up is whether or not real-time backup and recovery exists today.

Real-time backup is a type of backup which allows users to copy files, directories or volumes without having to interrupt work and reboot a system. Most successful Real-Time backup applications use advanced sector mapping technologies because of its security and lightening quick backups and restore capabilities. The RollBack Rx Server edition is a great example of how enterprise level Windows servers can participate with sector mapping technology to achieve Real-Time backup and recovery without having to use legacy continuous data protection backups.