Powerful Flexibility With RollBack Rx

PC maintenance is a challenge for businesses today. Most corporations spend millions every month to keep their computers operational and running, constantly fixing computer problems and recovering lost data. They constantly encounter new viruses getting into their systems in spite of seemingly adequate prevention measures. Every time they update with new software patches, they have to be careful and prepared to fix computer issues if it goes wrong. More than anything else, they must be prepared for disaster recovery if there are network intrusions and identity thefts causing computers to crash indefinitely. The IT support is sometimes unable to identify the cause for such repairs. One way to avoid all this is by installing RollBack Rx, system restore software and the complete PC maintenance solution.

Protection Against Disasters

Just as better solutions are on the rise, so are new viruses, spyware and Trojans. Every computer is in danger of being infected. When corporate network is involved the risk is exponentially high. The RollBack Rx software works as a perfect companion to antivirus software, easily compatible to assist in repairing computer problems. Together, the two make a strong defense against virus attacks. But there are times when spyware comes disguised and antivirus programs may not detect them. In such cases, RollBack Rx is particularly useful because it helps to rollback any system to an earlier operational state, completely eradicating suspect spyware. What would otherwise have meant several hours of downtime for the system is now reduced to only a few minutes per system. Every bit of data is recovered. And even if some systems are remotely located, RollBack Rx can still perform roll back functions over a network.

Boon to Beta Testers

It is always a tricky task to test new applications. There’s the risk of causing total system failure. But with RollBack Rx as a safety net to fall back on, IT administrators can securely test new applications. If the deployment fails, with RollBack Rx, the system can be quickly rolled back to the point before the test was begun. Previous technologies require hours of downtime, but with RollBack Rx it only takes seconds to perform a 100% PC restore. This makes the risk of new application deployment low, with RollBack Rx.

Maintenance becomes a smooth operation with RollBack Rx. Unwanted software and spyware can be easily removed by doing a pc restore, thus allowing minimum chances of damage to the corporate network. With instant system restore, RollBack Rx software strengthens the capability of every PC.