A Perfect PC With RollBack Rx

What makes RollBack Rx so unique is that it is fast, it is easy and it can restore computer settings even when the Windows operating system does not boot up, regardless of whether it is one pc or a whole network of computers. PC restore impossible with a click of the mouse. And the system is up and running, healthily, just as you would like.

RollBack Rx achieves its miracles with a system called snapshots. If your network or PC has crashed, you can simply do a pc restore tote last system snapshot. Snapshots are sector maps of your physical hard drive or “pictures” of the system taken at specific times. They prevent loss of data that could sometimes set you back by months; it only takes two or three seconds to take a snapshot.

Schedule Tasks on RollBack Rx

RollBack Rx makes your life really easy by allowing you to flexibly schedule various tasks so that you no longer have to worry about cumbersome computer repairs. As a routine, RollBack Rx can be scheduled to restore computer or keep taking snapshots even when you are not near your computer. It can do this automatically and can be set to restore computer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. You can also schedule RollBack Rx to log off at particular times. It can take snapshots automatically when you restart your system or when you shut down. The feature rich RollBack Rx can be customized to your personal or organization’s need.

Option to Control Access

It is up to you to allow or restrict access (access control) to users when you have RollBack Rx. You can keep other users from doing a PC restore, by setting password and allowing specific users to access the software. You can also set it so that only certain parts of RollBack Rx are accessible to a user. You can create many users and control their access to RollBack Rx. It is possible to hide access to the application console and subsystem console interface from regular users.

Optimum Performance Tips

It is recommended that for RollBack Rx to give you optimum performance, you should do the following before you install it in your computer. The hard drive should be defragmented, in case this has not been done for a substantial period of time. It is a good idea to run an antivirus scan with your antivirus software so that any virus is detected and removed from your system. After the scanning is done, disable the antivirus program. Critical files should be backed up to CDs and server. If the NTFS volume on your computer is compressed, decompress it. Then after a thorough study of your user manual install your RollBack Rx!