Prescription for a PC’s Health

Where there is data, there is a threat to its security. More so for large organizations that need to be ready with disaster recovery measures and return to work as quickly as possible. Maybe you have firewalls, a regularly up to date antivirus program to protect your system and other software that detects spy ware and so on. But time is money. And when you first line of defense fails you can rest assured to recover quickly and easily, because RollBack Rx is just what the doctor ordered.

The RollBack Rx system restore feature prevents data loss, up to the second of a system crash. Helping IT manage the configuration of systems and lets you save money on PC support, which naturally results in minimizing PC downtime.

Say Goodbye to System Crashes

Within seconds, RollBack Rx can perform a PC restore, taking you to the exact point where you’d like to rollback. With conventional methods, it takes several hours sometimes to repair computer problems. RollBack Rx is unique in that it can restore computer and user settings, applications and data in spite of a damaged registry. It does not depend on the Windows operating system to function. RollBack Rx works at the disk level, controlling it’s input/output and makes sure that your system is restored to the desired point within the boot cycle.

RollBack Rx, when installed on your system, does not differentiate between what files to protect. It protects each and every file in your system, so that when it begins to fix computer problems, it recovers full access to your operating system, all your applications, settings and other data. Usually system recovery software programs restrict themselves to protecting the operation system files, hardware drivers or certain system files. They are unable to reach the important files in a crashed state. This obviously ends up in data loss. RollBack Rx, unlike traditional system restore software, does not duplicate or back up any data on your hard drive. It simply takes snapshots, from which you can then choose, depending on which operating state you want to return to.

All Microsoft Windows based PCs support RollBack Rx software. It operates at the sector level and enables both remote and local updates. It helps in patch management as well, making it faster and more effective since it has the ability to make a snapshot of the system before the patch was installed, which means making it possible to instantly RollBack tithe pre-patch state.

Most computers have antivirus or spy ware protection installed in them. RollBack Rx is compatible with all antivirus and anti-spyware applications and software. You can just instruct your RollBack Rx to take a snapshot of your system before or after antivirus updates.