Never Miss a File Again with RollBack Rx

RollBack Rx is the most effective solution to fix computer problems for any computer user. If you were a business owner, one of your biggest nightmares would be to lose critical data because a software download misfired, or because an update failed. The data loss, big or small, could result in major losses depending on how important it was. There is always the risk of major data loss if there is no suitable desktop security software installed.

Easy Solution

Businesses operate for profit. They would rather spend their money on growing their business than investing in fancy technology. They want a solution that is easy to use, quick to restore computers to an operational state and flexible. They do not want to wait for long periods of time for technical support to figure out what is wrong to fix computer problems. In the event of a disaster recovery due to system crash, they simply cannot afford to lose customers because they were unable to react in time. RollBack Rx fits the bill on every count. It saves money on technical support, because every user in an organization can be trained to use this system restore software.

Thanks to RollBack Rx, speedy recovery from a virus attack or system crash is possible. This is regardless of whether the operating system booted or not. When RollBack Rx is installed onto a system, it is as simple as clicking the mouse and returning to a healthy PC without losing data.

Tremendous Time Saver

Multi user systems are even more critical to maintain and keep running. Imagine a network of ten computers down because of a virus attack! The system downtime would have been several hours – but with RollBack Rx, it is reduced to minutes because of the ease with which it operates, quietly and efficiently. Even a remote network administrator can restore computers located elsewhere to working status. Response time to fix computer user complaints is only three minutes or less with RollBack Rx, whereas without it, problems often take more than a working day to fix.

RollBack Rx Saves You Money

Businesses prefer RollBack Rx system restore software because it saves them tension from waiting for tech support, while saving them the costs related to fixing computer problems. They are able to concentrate their efforts at satisfying their customers rather than worry about data loss and how to recover it. RollBack Rx’s snapshot technology enables them to save pictures of the entire system at various points of time so that they can rollback or roll forward to specific configuration. Their employees are more productive with decrease in downtime of systems. They are able to save money on additional expensive software.