Lockdown Software

What is lockdown software? Lockdown software is intended to restrict access to sensitive Windows functions and to prevent public user tampering of PC systems. There are many popular Lockdown Software packages available and they’re often deployed on public access machines to make the IT administrator’s job easier. Reasonably enough, the IT manager would like to avoid the constant hassle of having to rely on traditional back-up methods to reset these machines: reimagining or reinstalling Windows from scratch.

The Pros and Cons of Lockdown Software

Lockdown software certainly does prevent malicious, unauthorized, and even inadvertent system changes, such as software installations, virus infections, and other public user mischief. But lockdown software also limits the usefulness of these multi-user workstations by disabling many Windows functions that would enhance the public users’ experience. Lockdown software is usually a simple tool for IT management and avoids the need for more extensive disaster prevention and recovery options such as anti-virus software, usage monitoring tools, firewall management, and security software. If the users can’t mess up the machines then the need to fix them just can’t arise, right?

But one large downside of locking-down the computers is that some users may need permissions to perform basic tasks such as adding a printer or to allow them to unblock some app from the firewall or even to permit them to save a file to the desktop. The network manager may find herself micromanaging user privileges. There may also be instances in which the public users may need to configure Windows functions.

Introducing Reboot Restore Rx Professional

There is another option. If you would like to enhance the end-user experience — and not prohibit sensible uses of the machines while preventing time-intensive fixes — then Reboot Restore Rx Professional is the one software you need. Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows you to grant the users of your shared computing resources an unrestricted learning environment. They’re free to do what they like on the machines and once the end-users are done with their session the machines automatically return to your preset system configuration. Reboot Restore Rx Professional is a robust reset solution that will return all your harddrives on a bit-for-bit basis back to your predefined configuration. And Reboot Restore Rx Professional can be set-up to return to the baseline settings automatically so that IT management of these PCs is very minimal. Simply install and configure Reboot Restore Rx Professional and forget about it.

Non-Restrictive Desktop Protection

Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows your users to do whatever they like on the PC without restricting them from any Windows functions. So go ahead, let them hack the registry, download music, change the background, delete files, install spyware, a rootkit, et cetera. To date, there’s no way that public users can prevent the auto-reset back to your preset baseline. No one has yet cracked Reboot Restore Rx Professional, unlike many of its competitors.

Best of all, the end-user’s experience is non-restrictive, they won’t even know that Reboot Restore Rx Professional is installed on the PC. So they can use the machines at the office just like they prefer to use them at home without you having to worry about what you’ll have to fix if you let them install certain programs that cause problems and so forth.

IT Management Made Easy

Having Reboot Restore Rx Professional keeps you on task, it optimizes your time so you’re not unnecessarily running around putting out fires, trying to figure out how to undo all the various things your users have done on the PCs. It saves time, money, and needless stress. With Reboot Restore Rx Professional PC management can be put on auto-pilot. You get peace of mind knowing the machines aren’t going to end up on your desk for resetting. You’ll sleep better at night.

We here at Horizon DataSys just want to make your life easier. We’ve saved many millions of IT people just like you at many diverse sorts of companies, public and private schools, libraries, internet cafes, hotel, and other organizations just like yours from just these sorts of pointless hassles. Having Reboot Restore Rx Professional installed on your multi-user machines will make you look like a hero. You can hide all aspects of Reboot Restore Rx Professional so that your users won’t know that it’s installed. You can take credit for keeping the machines always available and perfectly configured.

Public User Policies: A Thing of the Past

Plus, there’s no IT staff nanny-monitoring required. You don’t have to constantly look over your users’ shoulders to make sure they’re not roaming outside the boundaries you’ve set on their browsing and public resource uses. Imagine a stress-free IT environment! You no longer have to worry about some human errors, viruses, cookies, hacks, et cetera that you’ll have to deal with. Everything always stays exactly the way you want it to without your constantly being there! Reboot Restore Rx Professional effectively immunizes your computers against all those things that usually go wrong. Reboot Restore Rx Professional takes mere seconds to backup your entire harddrive and takes a single reboot to restore that entire harddrive to an earlier point in time.

MCSE and Other Windows Management and Configuration Courses

Reboot Restore Rx Professional is perfect for MCSE courses which requires students to have access to and make changes to system settings (Windows Device Manager, network settings, doing configuration tweaks, installing an Ethernet card, et cetera). Your unrestricted PCs will now effectively be bullet-proof! Reboot Restore Rx Professional is designed to protect public access computers from accidental user errors as well as malicious attempts to mess up the PCs. Having Reboot Restore Rx Professional installed lets you be a lot more carefree. After all, the MCSE students have to be allowed to use the computers in order for them to learn how to use various aspects of Windows, right? The users can crash the systems and you don’t have to worry about it. So go ahead, give all your users admin privileges! Can you imagine how much easier this would make your job?! A lot of reboot-to-restore products can only restore on restart (or startup) but Reboot Restore Rx Professional can be customized to reset at the end of the day or the end of the week. This way the Reboot Restore Rx Professional restore-to-baseline occurs at the end of one class so that the machines are ready for the next batch of computers.