Turbo Charge Your Backup

Most backup options available out there take a few hours to backup a typical four terabyte harddrive. If you do background backups you’ll experience slowdowns in your other computing tasks. If you’d like a full backup you’ll have to leave your computer on overnight. These snail’s pace backup solutions need to remind you constantly to do another backup. You don’t have to put with this anymore! Now there’s a new instant backup option that won’t interrupt your workflow or gameplay. Get in the fast lane with RollBack Rx!

Four Terabytes in Two Seconds Flat

With traditional backup technology there’s always a trade-off between the amount of data to be backed up and how long the backup process will take. Since the backup are about as large as the disk storage space taken up by the original data (even using the best compression possible) there’s a limit on how long these inordinately large backup images can be kept before they’re replaced with more recent backups. But since each RollBack Rx snapshot takes less than one percent (1%) of the harddrive’s capacity you can have multiple backup points without using up much space on your system.

With RollBack Rx you no longer have to worry about having to return to an outdated backup image losing many hours, days, weeks, or months of work. Even if your last snapshot was from last week and you’ve been experiencing issues with Windows since, you don’t necessarily need to return your computer to that snapshot and lose all your recent changes. Just take a snapshot of your current system, return to the snapshot of last week, and then open up your current system’s snapshot. Simply drag-and-drop any recent files or folders onto your desktop. Returning to the earlier snapshot requires zero rebuild time; in the amount of time it takes you to restart your PC you’re back to exactly how everything on your system was at that point in time. Roll backwards and forwards to any system snapshot and explore the entire contents of any snapshot as you would any other Windows folder.

You can now create a complete data backup copy every file and folder on your harddrive within seconds. RollBack Rx is a complete backup that seamlessly integrates with Windows and allows for regular snapshot-taking that takes a second or two during the Windows bootup. You won’t even notice the extra two seconds it takes Windows to boot up. In that two seconds you’ve just backed up all your harddrives (up to 4 internal harddrives) and can now recover the latest changes you made before you shut down your machine on the last bootup. RollBack Rx leaves all other backup software in its dust!

Tune-Up Your Backup: Customize Your Computer’s Disaster Recovery

RollBack Rx protects your entire system. RollBack Rx’s state-of-the-art sector-mapping technology quickly captures all the sectors on all your harddrives with no perceptible latency. In the latest model, RollBack Rx v10.2, we’ve greatly slimmed down the code for even greater efficiency and robustness and all without degrading your PC’s performance. RollBack Rx v10.2 comes with full Windows 8 compatibility, UEFI/EFI firmware support, GPT partition integration, and a new cleaner interface. It’s been thoroughly crash-tested for maximum reliability.

You’ll find RollBack Rx to have a very user-friendly, intuitive design that gives you a lot of options on fine-tuning your own personalized backup options. The new interface has many new features built-in for navigational ease. ince Windows and RollBack Rx are tightly-woven together, you can define the files and file types whose execution will cause a snapshot to be taken. Other new modifications introduced in RollBack Rx v10.2 include the ability to

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on a computer technician to clean up your PC. Now you can optimize your system setup to create backup points.

Get back that responsive performance you enjoyed when your computer was new. Spend more time doing things you love rather than waiting for your computer to respond.

The software scans your PC for you, finding and removing the dead weight that’s dragging down your PC’s performance.