Solutions for Home Users

At home is where we relax and unwind. It’s the place we go to at the end of the day where we sit down, pop in a movie, and browse the web.


Unfortunately, being comfortable is a double-edged sword. Being at home is great, but it’s also the time when your guard is lowered – and more often than not – somehow, something will go wrong with your PC. Browsing the internet at home is freeing compared to being at work, but that’s also the time when viruses, ransomware, malware, and a thousand other things can sneak in.


But what if all that time spent worrying if the computer was going to crash because of what your kids are downloading, or what your not-so-tech-friendly grandmother “didn’t” delete could be taken away, and at the same time impose no limits on the freedom of the user?

This is where RollBack Rx Home Edition comes in. It’s simple to use, powerful, and completely free.

How It Works

RollBack Rx Home Edition creates snapshots of the drive in just a few seconds. These snapshots are taken once per day and when triggered, will capture the drive as is at that exact point. That information is then stored and encrypted on the sector level of the hard drive. Anything that happens after it will not affect a snapshot, leaving you with several safe points to load from in seconds should the PC get infected, or if weird things “just started to happen” from in or outside of Windows.

RollBack Rx
Home Edition

Perfect for home users & completely free.

RollBack Rx

Comprehensive Windows System Restore Solution

RollBack Rx
Server Edition

Windows System Restore Solution for Windows Server OS