Fix Multi-user Computer Problems in a Jiffy with RollBack Rx

RollBack Rx system restore software is life saver for every computer user- ensuring system security and prevention from data loss.

Educational institutions are dependent on PCs for their students’ routine work. These multi-user computing environments is where a PC rollback utility is essential. PC restore is a regular task that has to be performed, to preserve data integrity and to repair computer problems that might arise from PC misuse. This could be caused by intentionally by malicious students or by students simply learning to use the computer. Whatever the cause they can be totally avoided with a disaster recovery solution like RollBack Rx.

Areas Where RollBack Rx Can Repair Computer Issues

In colleges and universities where several people use the same computer, students store their academic work in the form of reports, software programs, etc. in various folders. Because many people use the same system, the necessity to fix computer problems arises when certain files or folders become deleted or moved. This could very well cause problems. With RollBack Rx, PC restore can be done easily to a secure state, to keep the operating system and other data intact.

Unauthorized Downloads Can Be Completely Reversed With RollBack Rx

There is a tendency to download free programs that appear useful, little knowing that it can lead to security issues and computer repair. Viruses and spyware get into the system and crash the entire network. In such situations, RollBack Rx helps retrieve important data while removing all these unwanted elements from the PC network when a system restore is performed, preventing permanent damage and exorbitant costs.

Just imagine having the hard drive being deleted by a click of the mouse. When students handle computers, they are usually curious and tend to tinker around with settings and end up, sometimes unintentionally creating computer related problems, putting the network security at risk. When RollBack Rx is installed on the PC, it can be scheduled to take snapshots at specific intervals so that reversing computer problems becomes a quick task instead of creating several hours of downtime and data loss. This would avoid serious issues like certain scheduled activities being deactivated, antivirus programs being over-ridden or firewalls turned off, exposing the network to sabotage and other malware. With RollBack Rx, this sort of problem can be avoided and rectified easily, because it helps roll-back the systems to configuration that is ideal.

RollBack Rx system restore software is like a guardian for the PC network, avoiding computer repair and disaster through program failure or operating system malfunction. It keeps the system healthy and enhances the users computing experience. While very simple to use, RollBack Rx has the options of selectively allowing only certain people to access its program interface, thereby making it ideal where shared-computer sexist.