Ensuring Privacy on Public PCs

Public users of PCs too often leave private and sensitive information behind: They may elect to access their personal files from a flash drive and a backup version of their resume or other private document, spreadsheet, e-mail addresses, financial information, et cetera is created; they enter passwords that the auto-fill feature may retain; they log into a private web service such as their financial institution, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, et cetera; enter their credit card information; or otherwise impart personal data that may leave them vulnerable to security threats and fraudulent activity.

Further, public PC users are easy targets for keylogging software that are able to record keystrokes entered by unaware patrons and thieves are able to retrieve and exploit this information. Passwords, personal account login information, proprietary data, surfing activity, and so forth is available on the public machines, leaving the authors of such data open to embarrassment, identity theft, exploitation, financial loss, or worse. This is why many public networks post bills notifying patrons of risks involved in the use of such common computing resources. Wouldn’t it be better to assure these users that such risks associated with the use of multi-user PCs have been overcome and that they can now safely use these machines without anxiety and fear of possible invasions of their privacy? Well, now you can give your users that reassurance!

Introducing Reboot Restore Rx Professional

There is a solution being used today on many millions of such public access PCs that absolutely ensures that private information isn’t available to any user other than the person who entered it. It’s called Reboot Restore Rx Professional. In classrooms, libraries, universities, airports, hotels, internet cafes, community centers, museums, kiosk stands, conference centers, or other such public settings where multiple people may log-on to common public computers Reboot Restore Rx Professional prevents personal information from remaining on the machine after one user has ended their session so that it’s not available to anyone else.

Reboot Restore Rx Professional further simplify IT management by keeping all the PCs on a network optimally and consistently configured and instantly restored from any software corruption; this could be anything from accidently deleted system files, virus infections, the Blue Screen of Death, on up to issues that cause Windows to no longer boot. But more importantly, Reboot Restore Rx Professional offers a simple method to confront the threat of possible data theft and identity fraud.

A Failsafe Method of Preventing Data Leakage Between Public Users

Reboot Restore Rx Professional returns multi-user PCs back to your — the IT administrator-defined — configuration once one user has ended their session so that a fresh baseline is presented to the next user. This ensures that any and all changes made by any one user are removed so that they aren’t available to any subsequent user. Having Reboot Restore Rx Professional installed on these shared computers provides a richer experience by not restricting the users’ access to any Windows features even while completely resetting the system back to a predefined baseline between each individual user session. And once the machine has been rebooted the next public user is presented with a clean baseline setup to which the entire contents of your harddrive(s) — on a bit-for-bit basis — are returned. All personal information is irretrievably erased.

In fact, Reboot Restore Rx Professional so thoroughly scours the harddrive(s) back to the preset baseline that it exceeds the US Department of Defense’s clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. This means that the data any public user enters prior to the restore is erased so effectively from the hard disk that it is completely unrecoverable.

Further, Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows you, the IT manager, to restrict usage of any optical media drives and the USB flash drives if you so choose. This renders hardware-based keyloggers and password capture applications useless and ineffective.

In the Bad Old Days

The usual methods formerly employed to combat such illegal activities was to either (1.) thoroughly restrict all users’ access to Windows functions and/or (2.) to regularly undertake the task of scouring the harddrive of any possible instances where personal information may be kept.

In the former case, securing the PCs meant defining Windows privileges, software restriction policies, media drive access limits, lockdown hassles, website surfing policies, and so forth. This sort of approach severely limits the usefulness of the machines and unfairly punishes the vast majority of users for the unscrupulous actions of a few.

The latter approach entailed the daunting and time-intensive task of clearing the various caches and wiping out all cookies, temporary internet files of users’ surfing activity, recently opened documents, auto-saved temporary archives, and so forth. One would also need to become acquainted with exactly how the various programs stored data. Neither approach is very practical. Wouldn’t it be better if the multi-user PCs simply automatically reset themselves back to your predefined baseline after each user’s session?

Save Time, Money, and Needless IT Headaches

Since Reboot Restore Rx Professional thoroughly cleans the harddrive of any possible trace of activity by all previous users of the public machines, no private information is retained for opportunists to exploit. This allows for more carefree use by the public users. Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows you, the Network Administrator, to stay on task, it optimizes your time so you’re not unnecessarily running around putting out fires, that is, trying to figure out how to undo all the various things the users do on your PCs and reacting to possible privacy threats after the fact.

Reboot Restore Rx Professional allows you to group the PCs and centrally manage these various groups from a single interface. You can automatically schedule hard drive restores, baseline updates, and other options on all your thousands of client Reboot Restore Rx Professional machines in mere seconds.