RollBack Rx: The Enterprise Solution

Today’s organizations, in their race against time, are dependent on efficient networks of computers that are trouble-free and function seamlessly. They do not want to worry about downtime as a result of having to fix computer problems. If there’s an issue with systems, they want to restore computers back to their operational level as quickly as possible, simply because they cannot afford the time loss. RollBack Rx is the systems restore software that is an ideal enterprise solution – because it has all the advantages that a business needs to maintain continuity of work.

Enhancing Remote Management of Computers

RollBack Rx’s RMC (Remote Management Console) enables organizations to manage computer repairs remotely. This makes it possible to protect, restore computer settings and recover system files. The network management tools that RollBack Rx provides allow technical support personnel to maintain and manage PCs more efficiently, ensuring minimum or no downtime. This increases employee productivity. RollBack Rx can actually restore client systems to an operational state with just a reboot. It operates by taking snapshots for the client systems, so that system maintenance is made easy and less time consuming. No matter where a PC is located, RollBack Rx can perform a restore, restart or shut down remotely. The various capabilities of RollBack Rx can be scheduled as per client convenience so that disaster recovery becomes very easy.

Components of the RollBack Rx RMC

The RollBack Rx RMC comprises of three components – the RollBack Rx RMC server, the service component, which is the connection between the clients and the administrator console. The other two components are the client(s) (user PC) and the Administration console (administrator PC).

The Administrator console lets the administrators manage the clients who are connected to the server, performing all the maintenance, fixing computer problems, and recovering data, etc. for them. The RollBack Rx client is the client module of RollBack Rx RMC. This component resides on client computers.

The RollBack Rx server and administrator console can be on different computers or on the same computer. The console settings are quite configurable and you can choose user settings, change your password, manage group settings and adjust your console view, as in displaying clients in icons or detailed view, see all clients or just online clients.

All RollBack Rx system restore software comes with a detailed help file which guides you through installation, operation, tips on fixing computer problems and troubleshooting computer repair problems. RollBack Rx literally puts power in the hands of the administrator to restore computer settings within minutes, regardless of how big the problem is.