Ending Data Loss

Data loss is the biggest concern of every computer user. It is terrifying to lose hours or days of work just because some software malfunctioned on your PC. While system restore is built into your operating system, Windows System Restore only protects system files. It does not recover data, user settings or programs if Windows does not start up. Here’s where RollBack Rx saves the day. Even if your Windows is corrupted and you are facing the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD), RollBack Rx can still restore computer settings. The reason for this is that RollBack Rx installs below Windows, letting you rollback to any of the snapshots it took prior to the problem point. You don’t have to lose any data right up to the second your system crashed.

Have Your Systems Up and Running Within Seconds

The corporate environment today is very complex. They depend on computers to help run their business. Downtime is equal to loss in many ways. Maintaining a network of systems is a challenging activity for the pc support group. With new viruses, new software, intellectual property issues coming up by the minute, its more than your system administrator can handle. As if that were not enough, disaster recovery is a critical concern. That is where RollBack Rx comes as a boon to the IT administrator. For example, if your systems are down because of a virus attack, conventional methods would mean at least 4-8 hours per system whereas with RollBack Rx, it only takes a few minutes per system.

Updating Programs Made Easy

When it comes to patch management, we need to keep updating literally hundreds of programs performing vital tasks on almost a daily basis. This is a risky exercise because you never know which patch might not be compatible. With Rollback, patch testing and patch debugging become a smooth process. You don’t have to fix computer problems after each patch test. Instead, you just have to do a roll back to the point before the patch test. The snapshot approach helps spot problems across the whole network.

Spyware is the scourge inflicting networks on the Internet. With pop ups and identity thefts occurring all the time, you face the continuous risk of your next keystroke crashing your system. As a system administrator, with RollBack Rx software you can cleanly and completely back-out of a troubled patch or system update bay quick rollback, avoiding irreversible damage.

RollBack Rx reduces incidents of having to repair computer setbacks. It is multi-talented systems restore software that saves hours of effort in maintaining a stable network.