Control Your Own Data

Among PC protection software options available today, RollBack Rx is the best. It protects your system from problems due to viruses and user errors. You don’t have to be a computer expert to be able to fix computer problems. Even if you are a novice, you can quickly repair computer issues in a few seconds. RollBack Rx is a system restore software that lets you save time and money when it comes to maintaining your system or systems.

RollBack Rx uses advanced technology to protect your system. It gives you total control over your data. There is nothing more irritating than to have your system develop problems or crash completely when you are racing against deadlines to keep up commitments. And if you are a windows operating system user, your built in system restore facility, while extremely useful, will not protect your data. So what do you do? RollBack Rx PC protection software will enable you, in a matter of seconds, to retrieve all the data you were working on when you do a pc restores.

Photographic Memory Saves the Day

RollBack Rx system restore software enables you to create a snapshot of your entire system along with the data at a specific time. Which means, you can rollback to any snapshot you have taken, conveniently ridding your system of unwanted data like failed software residues, virus and program errors. The data you worked on right up to the time your system developed a problem is intact. No file is lost. You can choose the snapshot that you want and pc restore to that point. This can be done quickly.

Suppose you have a multi-boot system with multiple operating systems, you will be happy to know that RollBack Rx will support it as well. All you need to do is configure it appropriately. You have a variety of set up options with RollBack Rx where you can configure a single computer or hundreds to thousands of PCs over an Internet console.

Totally Customizable

How you configure RollBack Rx is in your hands because it is fully customizable to suit your requirements. You can hide its interface from other users. Alternatively, you can grant access to users of your choice. This system restore software comes with a comprehensive user guide that leads you through all that RollBack Rx can do, to help you fix computer issues as quickly as possible. The RollBack Rx support team is reputed to be extremely responsive in solving any product related issues. The software itself is highly regarded ball its users who feel that no Pc must function without Rollback Rx system restore software!