The Best Backup and Restore Software for Enterprise Servers

As a network manager do you live in constant dread of your servers being unavailable? Are your dreams haunted by the “server is temporarily unavailable” error message? Do you get anxieties about possible service disruptions with all their attendant impact on everyday business activity, lost revenues, frustrated customers, employee productivity losses, angry incoming calls to the helpdesk, and so forth? If so, relief is in sight!

Real-Time Backup and Recovery

No matter what business you’re in, you can’t afford to have your servers down for any length of time. At Horizon DataSys we’re all about high-availability and eliminating downtime. RollBack Rx Server’s automated backup and recovery options let you focus on your business and not your backup strategy. With RollBack Rx Server you simply set it and forget it! Ensuring that you get your server back up and running quickly after any disaster is our first priority. RollBack Rx Server Edition is a real-time enterprise backup and restore utility that doesn’t require that you redesign your existing infrastructure. It’s a software-based backup and recovery utility that will work with any Microsoft Windows Server version. RollBack Rx Server allows for a more efficient use of your existing hardware, staff, and resources.

Sector-mapping vs. Imaging

The major concerns, expressed to us by IT managers, associated with server backup and recovery utilities is their extensive resource use, high costs, and general unreliability. We feel that RollBack Rx Server directly addresses these pain points. RollBack Rx Server’s super-fast backups can be set to be automatically created in the background, have an imperceptible latency, and use very little harddisk storage space. Image-based backup takes much longer to perform and takes up much more harddisk space. This means that with RollBack Rx you can archive many thousands of these snapshots, whereas imaging permits much fewer snapshots.

The backup program’s resource usage is a constant concern for IT managers since it can make a discernible increase in the processing times of the server workloads. What distinguishes RollBack from other server protection methods is its patented sector-mapping technology. For the first time, RollBack Rx Server makes available this revolutionary technology for Windows Server. Traditional imaging technology takes a lot longer to backup the array and so it typically only performs an incremental backup every 15 to every 60 minutes. And of course, the recency of the recovery is only as good as the frequency of the backup. RollBack allows you to capture a new incremental snapshot up to every minute. Each snapshot is a complete instance of everything as it existed on the RAID the second it was created. And since a new snapshot only takes a second or two to create, this allows for near-continuous data protection. The frequency of these snapshots can be as often as every minute!

RollBack Rx Server Edition has been optimized for Windows Server 2012 and supports all major partitioning systems (MBR and GPT) and firmware interface systems (BIOS and UEFI/EFI).

Don’t Lose Another Byte of Data

In case of a complete server failure: select a known, good point-in-time snapshots from the multiple recovery points available to restore the system to. Once you’ve restored the system to this earlier snapshot you can then drag-and-drop files from more recent snapshots, even snapshots in which Windows fails to start. So, you needn’t restore your entire system back to a particular previous point-in-time but can instead recover your system right up to the second before the data corruption or disaster occurred. In just a few easy clicks, you can recover specific files and folders from the crashed system. This allows you to restore the entire server or just a few select files, folders, volumes, or application data. This ensures that you never lose another byte of data and the system can be back up and running without your endpoint users ever noticing any service disruption. RollBack Rx Server Edition creates near-real time backup copies of the whole system to which you can restore on-the-fly should the need arise. We understand that you need to quickly recover after a disruption and to again make available your system data as it was just before the crash. But some other competiting business continuity software make it difficult to provide recovery of anything but the entire physical server and this may take a few hours to complete. With RollBack Rx Server, rolling back to an earlier snapshot for a complete server rebuild or just a granular recovery of individual files and folders takes mere seconds. This near-real time recoverability means that in seconds, rather than minutes, you can be back up and running as if nothing happened.

RollBack Rx’s intuitively simple interface allows you to determine how the snapshot-taking is triggered, how much resources they take up, and how often the auto-restores are to occur. This enables you to manage your server resources with minimal administrative oversight and is ideally suited for small enterprises and can be handled by even non-technical staff.

A Robust Yet Economical Approach

The built-in secure government-grade 256-bit AES encryption and the multiple levels of access control prevent unauthorized access and safeguard all server data even in the event of hardware theft. Multiple consistency checks and built-in redundancy ensure the replication integrity and the optimal use of system resources. RollBack Rx Server Edition’s powerful admin console also makes it easy to centrally manage geographically distributed datacenters from a single interface.

Many competing server backups are sold with essential components missing. This requires additional purchases and add-ons. RollBack Rx Server Edition is an integrated backup and restoration solution that doesn’t require any further purchases and at $99 per license it’s affordable enough for anyone!

RollBack Rx Server makes it easy to validate your backups and test your disaster recovery plan. You can also test Windows Server updates, new anti-virus definitions, application updates, et cetera before committing to them.

24×5 Horizon DataSys Technical Support assistance means that there’s a knowledgeable staff member standing by during your business hours to answer any questions you may have.